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Camira Knit

Illuminating a whole new world of creative textile potential, Camira Knit brings the craft of precision engineering to fabric solutions. 

Creating bespoke fabric components which blend revolutionary design aesthetics and functional advantages with enhanced operational benefits, this advanced technological manufacturing capability is one of our most groundbreaking innovations – and holds the most exciting possibilities.

Zero waste by nature, custom made by creation, and effortless application by design, Camira Knit is a state-of-the-art manufacturing capability with human considerations at its core.

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Camira Craggan Flax

With a color palette that tells two stories, Craggan Flax is available in a range of neutral and bright tones. Refined to 15 considered colorways, this versatile selection of colors can be balanced, blended or used in isolation to create an upholstery scheme that is perfect for your interior. 

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Luna Phase Change

The Phase Change collection will bring fresh geometry, new color, versatility, and much more to any project or space. With five new products, launching over five months, we’re moving into the next phase together. This is a phased release starting with Demi.

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Luna Paradigm

Each of these new textiles play with varying visual perspective, from the subtle character of Layer, to the strong textural depth of Three-D. The collection has an emphasis on soft, yet highly durable and dimensional textures. In addition, Luna prioritized performance and cleanability with these four products. We know and continue to hear the importance of both as the landscape of our industry shifts. As a bonus, the Paradigm collection as a whole is free of added finishes.

Collection: Aperto, Layer, Optik, Three-D

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Pallas Backstitch Collection

Backstitch honors the customs of sewing, quilting and embroidery by blending nostalgic techniques with contemporary woven constructions. These modern yet timeless textiles are experientially rich in texture, dimension and performance criteria. The vibrant array of fabrics and colors strike the perfect balance between artistry and innovation.

Collection: Stippling, Selvedge, Cross Hatch, Trapunto, Pinch Pleat

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Pallas Structure Collection

Form and function are intrinsic to high-quality design and the foundation of a structure, the study of which involves an understanding of these concepts and the relationship between. Each textile in this collection studies the fundamental structures in architecture, basketry and apparel construction—all of which require a sound structural base to create form for function. The final interpretation into a woven textile looks beyond form to reveal the beauty behind each unique structure.

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