Author: Christine Sabari

We could all use a little, or let’s be honest, A LOT of hope these days. Yes, Easter has passed, and while that holiday is in and of itself a reason and season of hope, it’s also all around us in many other forms. With Easter, comes the welcoming of Spring and with Spring comes longer, lighter days and colors everywhere. I find decorating for Easter even more fun than Christmas. Is it the bright fun pastel colors all around? It’s the easiest and happiest time for me.  No more dark short gray days. The Pantone color of the year, the lovely “yellow” is even a good sign of summer to come. I planted bulbs and seeds last fall and I have hope they’ll produce something in the coming months. What are you hoping for? More work, your kids going back to in-person learning, gathering with family and friends, the freedom to travel again? Whatever you’re hoping for, write it down or even share it with someone.  While you’re at it, you can enjoy the bright springy colors popping up all around, the longer lighter days and brighter skies, and maybe even some flowers popping up from the soil. 

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