Technically it’s officially Spring here, but we often find ourselves still gazing out at rain drenched grasses and dreary skies.  Regardless of what the season is throwing at us, Orange Thread has products that can withstand the sun and rain as well as interior products that at least can make you feel like you are outdoors!

Products to sit on, dine at, plant in+ biophilia options for some indoor green gratification! 


TenJam/Twisted Hex is offered in 3 heights and all stack together; use them near the pool, the classroom, healthcare environment, or office.  Removeable seat that’s weatherproof, too.

TenJam/Moon chair can have weight added to it for additional security. The new version has cup holders for your cold umbrella drinks, too, but also comes without them for other applications.  Sun and rain don’t stand a chance against these hardy pieces.

Scandi Spaces/Combo is a table, stool and footrest option that can be bolted down and comes in fun color options, and looks equally uber stylish in the raw aluminum finish.

Scandi Spaces/Straw is a stackable chair and stools (offered in two heights) made from unique twisted tubular steel with the option of an added cushion. Complimentary lounge for the inside, too; check out Superkink!

Scandi Spaces/Plant Divider is an indoor planter that also has the added benefit of having acoustic properties; multiple facets!

Scandi Spaces/Pixel is an NRC rated acoustic solution that has the added benefit of being colorful interior art for the walls or the ceilings. Quiet your space, add color, clean the air, leave the maintenance to someone else; Pixel moss has so many positive attributes!

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