With Valentines Day around the corner, we all could use some love right about now. Check out the variety of seating we are loving from all of our lines.

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From Scandinavian Spaces: Oppo is slang and means friend or buddy. We all could use more fun these days. Why not insert some into your next project with Oppo. Comfortable, unique, uber playful lounge that can stay exactly where you intended it to be and allows you to swivel while you work or wait.


From Scandinavian Spaces: Quietly does it… Decibel is a linkable, stackable classic chair in solid birch with integrated sound absorption material underneath the seat for a good acoustic environment. Options include full or suspendable armrests and an upholstered seat pad and backrest. Decibel is also available as a stool in counter and bar height.

Rocca Stool

From Scandinavian Spaces: Playful, active, lightweight and it comes in two seat heights.  A stool that keeps us active as we work from home. A different kind of seating that is easy to carry around in activity-based meeting places. Available in dining and counter height.


From Interstuhl: Adults and kids alike are in love with this lightweight, height adjustable stool from our German designed and made Interstuhl.  Super comfortable and active seating fits easily into numerous work environments from healthcare to education and the office.  Even works great at home now for those that have a hard time sitting still. 

Little Fishy

From Tenjam: The most unique waterproof and seamless soft seating that can be easily sanitized. Featuring a flexible plastic outer shell that protects the flexible foam core from absorbing liquids, bodily fluids, cleaning chemicals. Zero fabric, zero vinyl/PVC, zero staples, ultra-tamper resistant, and ultra-low VOC emissions for healthier indoor air quality.

Session Series, Amped

From Tenjam: Engineered for year-round outdoor use in sun, snow, sand, rain, and salt. No need for covering when not in use as the color will not fade! Featuring hard plastic with an interior made of recycled waterway waste plastics, the Session Series has supreme durability with installations in high-traffic commercial, institutional, and public spaces with zero warranty claims since launching in 2015.

Connection Zone Privacy Booth

From KI: Privacy Booth’s contoured, symmetrical design provides advanced acoustical qualities, reducing peripheral views and external noise. Its modern aesthetic and slim profile complements a variety of environments. The Privacy Booth features an open-top structure allowing light to pass through. A fully upholstered cushion and back deliver comfort and support. Its swivel base gives 360° access and mobility to engage with others when desired.


From KI: The first of its kind, Sway lounge seating breaks free from conventional movement and enables dynamic orbital motion. Move front to back, side to side and everywhere in between with a smooth 360-degree swivel. Instead of a lounge chair that forces you to adapt, Sway adapts to you, responding to your natural body movements to provide superior comfort.


From Nevins: Climb multi-level seating is a flexible and stimulating collection that offers six simple and comfortable shapes that provide a variety of landscapes. Its natural design provides an innovative way to gather large or small groups.

Love Letter

From Segis: Individual benches, original, symbolic and practical pieces to build a renewed way to meet and be together. A way to set the mood of an area by spelling it!

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